V: Vögel (birds)

Erich has been studying Dortmund’s birdlife for over 50 years. By looking and, above all, listening closely, a kind of expansion of consciousness results for him: we notice how we are integrated into a coexistence with a wide variety of bird species. It is a world of fellow creatures that reveals itself with growing awareness. The relationship between birds and humans could improve if we allow ourselves to get to know the animals better, to see their impressive abilities and to become involved in nature conservation.

Other entries:

W: Wegwerfgesellschaft (throwaway society)

Thomas Zigahn makes art from household waste on a full-time basis.

B: Breaking & Benehmen (breaking & behave)

Sun-Ha Hwang is a professional break dancer and dance facilitator.

C: Catering

Veye Tatah, managing director of the catering company “Kilimanjaro Foods” and Pippo (Philipp Bracht), who runs the event catering company “Wohnküche”, give insights into catering for major events such as the FAVORITEN Festival.

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