W: Wegwerfgesellschaft (throwaway society)

Thomas Zigahn makes art full-time from household waste, i.e. what is left over as supposedly useless but can be used in other ways. In the process, he has forgotten how to go shopping because he can make a lot of things himself. In a tutorial, he shows how to make a simple wallet out of an empty tetra pack in just a few steps.

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B: Breaking & Benehmen (breaking & behave)

Sun-Ha Hwang is a professional break dancer and dance facilitator.

C: Catering

Veye Tatah, managing director of the catering company “Kilimanjaro Foods” and Pippo (Philipp Bracht), who runs the event catering company “Wohnküche”, give insights into catering for major events such as the FAVORITEN Festival.

F: Familie (family)

Monse Guiot Casares & Matthias Gude Casares meet every Monday for Siblings’ Day and bake or cook together.

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