we never stop unlearning


Anne Mahlow

Artistic Direction

Sina-Marie Schneller

Artistic Direction

Margo Zālīte

Artistic Direction

Suse Berthold

Production Management

Melissa Müller

Executive Assistant Production Management

Mira Sacher

Press & Public Relations

Bojena Todorow

Press & Public Relations

Anna Júlia Amaral

Executive Assistant Press and Public Relations

Béla Bisom

Commercial Management

Hanno Sons

Technical Management

Louisa Robin

Executive Assistant Technical Management

Eva Busch

Project Management (Un)Learning Perspectives

Mina Mahmoudian

Executive Assistant in the Project Wissensbazar / (Un)Learning Perspectives

Sören Meffert

Video & Editing in the Project (Un)Learning Perspectives

Patrick Kohn

Project Management (Un)learning Distances – digital international residency program

Leonie Adam

Art Education

Katharina Priestley