B: Breaking & Benehmen (breaking & behave)

Sun-Ha Hwang is a professional break dancer and dance facilitator. He describes how his encounter with hip-hop culture during his school years taught him again that learning is fun and important. What he has unlearned along the way is to bluntly display a socially expected behaviour – instead, values such as interpersonal respect count for him.

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C: Catering

Veye Tatah, managing director of the catering company “Kilimanjaro Foods” and Pippo (Philipp Bracht), who runs the event catering company “Wohnküche”, give insights into catering for major events such as the FAVORITEN Festival.

E: Elfenbeinturm

Anita Ackva ist Bühnenbildassistentin und hat sich in ihrer Abschlussarbeit mit der Idee des Elfenbeinturms auseinandergesetzt.

F: Familie (family)

Monse Guiot Casares & Matthias Gude Casares meet every Monday for Siblings’ Day and bake or cook together.

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