Change of programme

We regret to inform you that the work GENEIGTER by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke cannot be shown at this year’s FAVORITEN Festival.
In addition to the need for permanent accompaniment by a sign language interpreter, a new, much longer rehearsal period has become necessary due to a change of cast. This has resulted in a considerable increase in the planned budget, which the festival is unfortunately unable to raise and for which it was not possible to apply for appropriate funding due to the short notice.
It is very important to us to enable people with disabilities – both artists and audiences – to participate in the festival in the future, or rather to “have it all”. We strive to change our practices and to think about this aspect from the beginning, so that we can offer the audience affective, thought-provoking artworks and the artists a non-discriminatory working space.
The work GENEIGTER by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke is an important part and a great enrichment of the festival programme of FAVORITEN 2022 and it is sad not to have found a satisfactory solution to this challenge so far.
We are happy to remain in good contact with the GENEIGTER team and looking forward to the opportunity to show parts of the work’s development process. Three formats – video interviews, a zine and a reading – by Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Elena Polzer and collaborators will be available in the digital showcase on the festival website from 15.9.22 onwards.

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Elena Polzer and collaborators

• Video interviews / Reading / Zine
• Available in the festival media library from 15.09.22
• English / German / German Sign Language

Zwoisy Mears-Clarke‘s research process on the legacy of German colonialism in Namibia and the genocide of the Ovaherero and Nama people resulted in interviews, a zine and a text.

By and with: Fatin Abbas, Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, Ronny Dempers, Tjeripo Katjangua, Vitjitua Ndjiharine, Mona Okulla Obua, Elena Polzer
Interview partner: Sam Geiseb, Mbakumua Hengari, Ida Hoffman, Nandiuasora Mazeingo, Esther Utijua Muinjangue, Michael Uerikua