The glossary of (un)learning is opened!

FAVORITEN 2022 deals with forms of learning and (un)learning. In order to get a better idea of what this can mean in reality and on location, we will be exploring the festival’s spatial and thematic neighbourhoods in advance and holding discussions. We will talk to experts from different fields of work and life in Dortmund and the surrounding area about various topics and, above all, about their respective experiences of learning.
These conversations are collected on the festival website in short video contributions. The result is a lively, constantly growing glossary of (mis)learning that spells out a new, messy, fragile, fun and powerful alphabet: With W for throwaway society, F for family, P for patriarchy and U for unrest. Here we meet the ornithologist who reports how he (re)learns in the forest that humans are always at the centre, or the gardener who, as part of a solidarity-based agriculture in a community with many others, tries out different ways of producing and relating. In the glossary of (dis)learning, they come together in a many-voiced invitation to engage in the adventures of (dis)learning themselves.

The glossary can be seen as an installation at the Depot Dortmund and at the Museum für Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (MKK) (09.09.-30.10.2022) during the festival.

Click here for the videos