The (Un)Learning Perspectives programme is located in Dortmund and the region. We grow together with the city (society) and bring its heroines onto the stage. (Un)Learning Perspectives poses the question to committed individuals, groups, activists and people outside the artistic field: What does it mean: (un)learning? What have you already (un)learned or what would you like to (un)learn? In the form of workshops, tours and a glossary of (un)learning, their perspectives become visible.



MKK und DEPOT (Un)Learning Perspectives Ausstellung Glossar des (Ver)Lernens Installation Video

Glossary of (Un)Learning – Exhibition at the MKK with guided tour

(Un)Learning Perspectives Ausstellung Führung

Stadtspaziergang #1 – bodo-Tour

mit Franz Cremerius und Bastian Pütter

bodo e.V. (Un)Learning Perspectives Spaziergang

Stadtspaziergang #5 – Decolonize Dortmund

DEPOT (Un)Learning Perspectives Spaziergang