The Hex Pistols


ProduktionMusic theater performanceDeutsch / tw Englisch & Farsi14+

Three witches share a flat. They share because affordable housing is hard to find. The three witches are a band. They get lost and find themselves again on a journey through time and space. They’re looking ahead while going backwards. Uncertainty and disorientation are a part of the journey – as well as a firm trust in themselves and each other. Guitar, bass and drums are the breadcrumbs on their way to a place where they belong or that belongs to them. The Hex Pistols bewitch the audience, inviting them on a surreal journey to find out how they got together as a band.

Cast & Credits:

Performance: Maren Becker, Otto(line) Calmeijer-Meijburg, Yasmin Fahbod
Artistic Direction: Laura Pföhler, Jolanda Uhlig
Scenic & Costume Design:  Nicole Marianna Wytyczak
Assistant Stage & Costume: Camilla Smolders
Dramaturgy: Ria Zittel
Musical Consultant: Maria Trautmann
Technology: Robin Müller

In co-operation with Theater im Depot Dortmund, Zeitmaul Theater Bochum.

Supported by: NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, Stadt Dortmund, Stadt Bochum.

Förderung der Vorrecherche „haecksen in der zukunft retten die welt mit punk“: Fonds Darstellende Künste aus Mitteln der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien im Rahmen von NEUSTART KULTUR im Programm TakeAction und NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste, Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW.


Theater im Depot, Studio 2, Mittelhalle, Galerie, Parzelle, KOBI e.V.
Immermannstraße 29
44147 Dortmund
Haltestelle: Immermannstraße / Klinikzentrum Nord

Themes such as sex, death, violence, etc. are dealt with.
Strobes, fog and loud music are used.
The performance will be streamed live on this website on 17.9. The stream is openly accessible.
Sa 17.9.
Theater im DEPOT