Das verkommene Land

A. Bauer (Peira), C. Herzog (Peira), L. Nielsen, J. Amme, A. Konaté, E. Schiller-Witzmann, K. Bryla, D. Meder (KGI)


The world is on fire. Three women on the shore of a lake. Trapped between water and fire. There is hardly any chance of survival. But then a boat with two seats washes up. Meanwhile, Medea negotiates with Noah whether and how the human species can be saved from the apocalypse, and three actresses recollect fragments of their lives. And above all, there is the question: Whose stories have room on the boat?

This is about memories; memories of three women and the question of why some memories get to be heard and others don’t. The starting point was interviews with all participants.

Cast & Credits

Performance: Julia Amme, Laila Nielsen and Aïsha Konaté
Artistic Direction: Alexander Bauer, Chris Herzog
Concept: Alexander Bauer, Chris Herzog, Laila Nielsen and Dominik Meder
Text: Kaśka Bryla
Scenic Design: Elisabeth Schiller-Witzmann
Video: Alexander Bauer
Music: Johannes Bode
Sound Design: Chris Herzog

Das verkommene Land was produced by ongoing project in 2021 in co-production with Theater im Ballsaal Bonn and Schaubühne Lindenfels and realised with the support of Fonds Darstellende Künste #TakeAction. All content is the property of ongoing project Theater GbR unless otherwise stated.

The project is part of the format & FRIENDS GASTSPIEL and is realised within the framework of FESTIVALFRIENDS, a festival association of the Freie Darstellende Künste in Germany. FESTIVALFRIENDS is funded by the German Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media through the Bundesverband Freie Darstellende Künste e. V.’s programme ” Verbindungen fördern”


Theater im Depot, Studio 2, Mittelhalle, Galerie, Parzelle, KOBI e.V.
Immermannstraße 29
44147 Dortmund
Haltestelle: Immermannstraße / Klinikzentrum Nord

The performance will have English surtitles!
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