(Un)Learning Perspectives


After work at .dott.werk

Friday 19 August, 6pm – in the context of (Un)Learning Perspectives

Two people meet and have something to tell each other. What is your reality, what drives you, why do you do what you do? How can your “normality” expand my “normality”?

On 19.08.2022, the last after work beer (Feierabendbier) at the .dottwerk before the FAVORITEN Festival will take place from 18:00. This time the Dortmund landscape architect Usha-Moni Naskar and the stage and costume designer and fashion designer Sylvia Straub will meet. Sylvia studied in Dortmund, lives in Bochum and has been a mother since 2019. Usha-Moni’s children are already a few years older. What connects and distinguishes the experiences of motherhood in the different generations? What self-image of being dependent on each other emerges from this? What helps and what makes it difficult to follow one’s own interests and concerns?

Together with the FAVORITEN Festival, the network .dott invites you once a month to Feierabendbier – a series of dialogues between professional artists and experts from other professions. The .dott.werk in Düsseldorfer Straße 18 (Kaiserviertel Dortmund) is open from 6:00 p.m. onwards to end the working week together and to get to know people from the neighborhood and the arts better. Encounters arise that take an interest in the living and working realities of the respective others as a starting point, as invitations to (re)learn supposed self-evident things by listening.

All are invited to share

Other guests are welcome at the long table, people from the neighborhood, art and culture professionals – anyone who feels like meeting and exchanging ideas.

The number of guests is limited according to the current pandemic situation. Registrations are welcome at tickets@dott-netzwerk.de.

The entrance is free, it applies 3G

The series “Feierabendbier” is realized by .dott in cooperation with the FAVORITEN Festival as part of the format “FAVORITEN (ver)lernt”. In joint conversations, workshops and encounters before and during the festival this September, the focus will be on forms of (un)learning. What have we learned and internalized as supposed normalities? What do we want to (un)learn from whom, and what can that actually mean: (un)learning?

Sponsored by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Municipal Affairs, Building and Equality of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia as part of the program #heimatruhr and the Kulturbüro Dortmund.

Düsseldorfer Straße 18, Telefon: 0231 137 165 65, info@dott-netzwerk.de

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