(Un)Learning Perspectives is a format of the FAVORITEN Festival that focuses on experts from different fields and their knowledge. We want to learn from each other and include perspectives from outside the artistic field: from care workers to activists to mushroom researchers. In the form of workshops, tours and roundtable discussions, their perspectives will be given a platform before and during the festival.

Workshop day, Sunday, May 29, Theater im Depot (Werkhalle)

Participation is free, places are limited.
Registration at: anmeldung@favoriten-festival.de

Daily schedule

12:00 -13:00: (Un)Learning (Un)Herbs
(Workshop 1)
With Wolfgang Kienast we will walk around the DEPOT site. What grows here around the future festival center and what healing potentials do the plants have?  Afterwards, Margo Zālīte will introduce the Chaga mushroom tea ceremony.

13:00 -14:15: (Un)Learning Health System.
(Workshop 2a)
Dr. Anneliese Rauhut, a medical doctor, gives an introduction to practical resuscitation in emergency situations and provides information about medical treatment for people without health insurance. She invites us to get to know our bodies from a precarious perspective and to do something about it together.

13:00 -14:15: (Un)Learning Magic
(Workshop 2b)
Lea Althof, historian and child from a family of magicians, introduces us to the art of magic. How can we create magical moments with everyday objects – even beyond the theater stage?

14:30 – 15:30: (Un)Learning Event Gastro
(Workshop 3)
With Veye Tatah, CEO of the catering company “Africa Positive Catering” and Pippo (Philipp Bracht). Instead of cooking, Veye and Pippo will give us an insight into catering for large events such as the FAVORITEN Festival, while this time participants will take up the spoon themselves and prepare a lunch.

17:00 – 18:00: Digestion and joint conclusion

Registration for the workshop day
Interested audiences can register for the entire workshop day or for individual workshops until May 27: anmeldung@favoriten-festival.de.

Registration for members of the press: presse@favoriten-festival.de

Participation is free, places are limited.