Dear international and non-german speaking visitors

FAVORITEN festival for the performing arts in North-Rhine Westphalia will take place from 6-16 September 2018 in Dortmund under the direction of Fanti Baum and Olivia Ebert. As a regional forum and transregional platform, every two years, Favoriten invites artists, groups and collectives to exchange views about artistic practices, contemporary aesthetics and political and social issues.

This year's edition

As calls for guiding principles, identitarianism and nationalism become louder, the pressing questions for us are: how can we work on the dissolution of aesthetic and political definitions and structures? How can we use the aesthetic to retaliate against capitalistic aestheticisation? How will it be possible to resist identitarianism? And what does this mean for our own artistic work?


The programme will be published here in June.


Will be sold online or at every known official ticket distributor.